Wed 07 Dec 2016

20:30   € 25 / € 21 (CJP, Student card en Stadspas) I.s.m. VPRO Vrije Geluiden & Live stream Bimhuis Radio


WITH: Wilbert de Joode, Achim Kaufmann, Frank Gratkowski, Tobias Delius, Ab Baars, Martin van Duynhoven, Marta Warelis, Peter van Bergen, Ada Rave, Onno Govaert, Michael Vatcher


Tobias Delius, Ab Baars, Frank Gratkowski, Peter van Bergen, Ada Rave rieten, Marta Warelis, Achim Kaufmann piano, Wilbert de Joode bas, Onno Govaert, Michael Vatcher, Martin van Duynhoven drums

Double bassist/improviser Wilbert de Joode will receive the Buma Boy Edgar Prijs 2016 on this special concert evening, curated by himself and featuring various performances.

This year the Buma Boy Edgarprijs, the most prestigious Dutch award in the field of jazz and improvised music, has been awarded to Wilbert de Joode. He will be presented with the award on this concert evening, which was curated by himself. The program offers long-standing groups alongside new line-ups, all featuring De Joode.

Pianist Achim Kaufmann and reeds player Frank Gratkowski have been forming a close-knit trio with De Joode for 14 years. The trio Kaufmann/Gratkowski/De Joode has been described a three-headed organism, in which a collective sense of form is the source for sonically rich and harmonically subtle improvisations. The Ab Baars Trio plays original compositions by Baars in which improvisation is a logical and inevitable factor. Especially for this concert the young Polish pianist Marta Warelis will be playing with the trio.

Alongside these trios De Joode has invited a number of kindred spirits: Peter van Bergen and Tobias Delius on saxophone/clarinet, Ada Rave on saxophone and Michael Vatcher and Onno Govaert on drums. On various moments during the concert, unique combinations will perform on stage, with 3 drummers or 5 sax players simultaneously. The evening will be concluded with a piece performed by all musicians together.

Wilbert de Joode is widely recognized as one of the major specialists in the discipline of collective improvisation and ‘instant composing’, the on-the-spot creation of new music. As a self-taught double bassist, he stands out for his determination, his sonic imagination and his extensive musical vocabulary. He has developed his own distinctive double bass sound, partly through the use of gut strings. De Joode is acclaimed as a powerful free spirit who continues to explore and take risks.

De Joode is part of well-known Dutch improvised music groups such as the Ab Baars Trio, Eric Boeren 4tet, Trio BraamDeJoodeVatcher and Ig Henneman’s ensembles. He has performed with prominent improvisers from abroad, such as Hamid Drake, Charles Gayle, William Parker, Ken Vandermark and Alexander von Schlippenbach. Aside from musicians he has also worked with dancers and visual artists, such as the American dancer Michael Schumacher. Wilbert de Joode is a founding member of the Doek Foundation, a collective of leading Dutch improvised jazz musicians and an international platform for improvised music.

Excerpts from the jury’s report:
‘De Joode is self-taught – an increasingly rare phenomenon in the world of improvised music – and his independent study of music is driven by a fascination with timbre and acoustics. … He has an extensive vocabulary and a very good ear for the musical possibilities of a particular sound at a particular moment in a particular space.

The jury … commends Wilbert de Joode on his interplay with fellow musicians, a quality so essential to freely improvised music. He is, to a greater extent than many a Dutch improvised jazz musician, first and foremost a listener, and his responsiveness and musical agility are expressions of his wealth of ideas. De Joode acts simultaneously as both sponge and membrane (…).

[A] shining example to young musicians, as well as a fulcrum between the pioneers of improvised music and an international community of young musicians (…).

Wilbert de Joode is a creative force in a tradition that eschews tradition … . In this regard, it is particularly true that in De Joode’s hands musical creativity and the results thereof are a never-ending process, never a final conclusion.’


Ticket: € 25 / € 21 (CJP, Student card en Stadspas)

Special request bij Wilbert de joode: Listen & look at the youtube fragments with headset

Special request bij Wilbert de joode: Listen & look at the youtube fragments with headset