Sat 08 Jul 2017

20:30   € 18 / € 15 (CJP, studentcard, Stadspas)



Marcin Masecki piano, Jerzy Rogiewicz drums

Surprisingly contemporary ragtime interpretations, with varied stylistic influences, by Polish piano phenomenon Marcin Masecki, known for his imaginative deconstructions of pieces by Scarlatti and Chopin.

Pianist Marcin Masecki is recognized as a leading figure in the Polish avant-garde. As a child he was mesmerized by the Western bar pianist at Disneyland and ever since he has dreamed of playing ragtime. Instead his career took him through free jazz, classical music, avant-garde and pop as well as everything in between. Finally, after conducting orchestras, composing for choirs, organizing festivals and establishing himself as one of the most versatile musicians in Poland, he returns to his childhood fantasy.

The duo drummer Jerzy Rogiewicz effortlessly joins virtuoso elements of traditional jazz with structures derived from classical music and a phrasing reminiscent of contemporary pop mixed with Ethiopian folk. Masecki, who received a scholarship at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, made name with his eccentric variations on classical music by, among others, Bach, Scarlatti and Chopin.

‘Although he’s clearly a well-schooled classical pianist, Masecki doesn’t try to show off, and there are times when he sounds like a bold child deliberately screwing up his piano lesson while his teacher is out of the room. It takes a good musician to take on such challenging source material, and a great one to use it to create something so fresh’ (Irish Times).

The Bimhuis restaurant is open prior to the concert from 6.30 till 8.30PM (reservations via 020-7882158). After the concert, the Bimhuis Café is open (free entrance).

Ticket: € 18 / € 15 (CJP, studentcard, Stadspas)