Visitor conditions


The Bimhuis concert hall offers 239 seats and 136 standing places. For a select series of concerts the Bimhuis will carry out assigned seating. Each chair has been numbered and can be selected via an online seating chart (click here).

In case of a physical disability, please contact the Bimhuis to find out whether it is possible to reserve a seat.
As instructed by the fire brigade it is not allowed to take chairs or stools from the café into the concert hall.
We thank you for your understanding.

Photos, videos, audio recordings
It is not allowed to photograph during concerts without permission from the Bimhuis. Photographers can register at the Bimhuis preferably well in advance through, or on the evening of the concert at the box office. When shooting, the following house rules are applied:
• Do not flash
• Do not come on stage or disturb in any other way musicians and / or public
• It is only permitted to photograph during the first quarter of the concert
• Do not shoot in silent / intimate moments
• Do not use continuously lit screens that could be disturbing for visitors / musicians (like iPads / smartphones).
• Not all visitors appreciate to be photographed / filmed
• The use of a muzzler (sound insulating cover to the camera) is highly recommended

No dogs are allowed with the exception of guide dogs.

You are not allowed to bring any food or drinks from outside.

No refunds are given after a ticket is purchased.

Instructions from the Bimhuis staff need to be followed up on.

The General Terms and Conditions of the VSCD and KNN 2002 are applicable in the Bimhuis. These have been filed at the Office of the Amsterdam District Court, under number 268/2002, on 26 November 2002. A copy of the Terms and Conditions can be downloaded here or can be found at the box office of the Bimhuis.